Who can access BFBS Welfare Services?

The entitled groups and individuals are defined by the MOD as:

  • Members of HM Forces deployed overseas, and those deployed on HM Ships and Submarines
  • UK based MOD civilian support staff working overseas
  • Dependants accompanying MOD personnel serving overseas
  • Members of the Brigade of Gurkhas
  • HM Forces attached to NATO, SHAPE, UN or similar multinational operations


  • Defence Attachés (DAs), British Military Advisory Training Teams (BMATTS), British Peace Support Teams (BPST), Other British Military Personnel abroad detached, embedded or on loan service, other nation’s forces embedded with the British Military and vice versa, UK based MOD contractors directly employed in support of UK Operations.

Ex-military living overseas, ex-pats, British civilian contractors not employed directly on MOD business, contractors working for the MOD that are not normally based in the UK and LECs are not entitled to receive BFBS TV, nor are they allowed to subscribe to it. BFBS TV channels (except Forces TV) are not available to UK viewers for copyright reasons, however BFBS radio stations are available in the UK on national DAB, local FM or AM transmitters and on-line.

BFBS issues satellite receivers and viewing cards on a loan basis to individual members of the entitled audience, enables on-line access via the BFBS Player and installs and maintains transmission or cable networks for in-country local distribution.