What can you do with the BFBS satellite signal?

Once the correct satellite dish has been installed, BFBS TV and Radio services can be received or relayed locally by the following methods.


Direct To Home (DTH) satellite TV

Direct To Home (DTH) satellite TV is the most common method of providing BFBS TV services and is used extensively in Germany, Cyprus, Kenya and in Operational Areas. DTH dishes are usually fixed to "ground mounts" consisting of a simple metal stand (included in the BFBS kits) weighted down with sandbags or flagstones. This avoids drilling into walls or penetrating building fabric which might contravene DIO or other regulations.


Digital Terrestrial TV

Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) is multi-channel digital 'Freeview' type television which can be received on any modern digital TV without a set top box, or on an older (analogue) TV with a simple adaptor box.

DTT is usually distributed by local TV transmitters but can also be distributed over coax cable systems or via a 'leaky feeder' low-power transmission system. In order to use any of these systems all the viewer needs is the same type of TV or adaptor box they would use to receive 'Freeview TV' in the UK. The system is designed to ensure BFBS TV signals and frequencies are fully compatible with UK standards, and anyone taking their UK TV on overseas postings or buying a TV from the UK will not be disappointed. Anywhere under the BFBS Satellite footprints are suitable locations for DTT.

The three main types of DTT system

  1. TV Transmitters
  2. Digital Cable TV
  3. Leaky-Feeder Low Power Digital TV Transmissions

FM Radio

BFBS FM radio can be configured to cover entire cities with kilowatts of transmitter power, or cover small compounds with a couple of watts of FM transmission.