TV Transmitters

DTV ready TV
Conventional TV

For larger deployments or situations where many people are scattered across camps, BFBS TV and radio services are best providing through Digital Terrestrial Television ('Freeview') transmissions. This method of transmitting BFBS TV was deployed to Op HERRICK (Camp Bastion, KAF, Lash, etc.) and is currently used in the Falkland Islands, BIOT and Ascension Island. The advantage of DTT is that anyone can receive the signals using standard consumer equipment. It is best suited for communities of more than 50 and a range of up to 3 miles but isolated from local civilian communities. Infrastructure can be housed in a small equipment room or built into a half- or full-ISO container. Electricity requirements are small (less than 16A incl. air conditioning).

In order to use Digital Terrestrial Television you will almost certainly require licences from the host nation. It is possible that SOFA or equivalent host nation agreement is the route to gaining a DTT licence, and BFBS have experience of negotiating with Host Nation Governments to achieve this.

Local TV transmission is suitable for
Individual users (in a community)
Mess/Communal viewing (in a community)
Hirings (within or adjacent to a community)
Users in multiple living accommodation
Camps, MOBs or larger compounds
Existing cable networks