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DTH 'Satellite' TV Viewers


Information for Civilian Viewers in the Falkland Islands under the ‘SES 6 / NSS806’ Satellite with BFBS Technisat Receivers.

The instructions below are for you if you watch BFBS TV through a BFBS Technisat Satellite Receiver (shown below) and have a BFBS Conditional access card.

The upgrades to the BFBS satellite systems will mean that you will lose your BFBS TV channels just after 10:00 GMT on the 29th January. It will take a short period of time to complete the engineering works, and BFBS advises that from 11:00 GMT you should rescan your BFBS satellite receiver to be able to continue to watch BFBS TV.


To rescan your BFBS Technisat Receiver please follow these instructions.

After the change of the satellite has happened you will see a screen similar to the one below, with a message saying that the signal has been lost.

  1. Press Menu on the BFBS Satellite Receiver remote control. The Main Menu screen below is displayed:

  1. Press OK to select Channel Search. The Channel Search menu screen below is displayed:

  1. Press Down until Transponder is highlighted and then press OK. If the Transponder screen below is displayed with the Satellite set to NSS806 40.5W, skip to Step 5.

  1. If, however, the Transponder screen is as below, with the Satellite set to Eutelsat 10.0E, press Up/Down to highlight Eutelsat 10.0E and then press OK.

  1. ​Press Up/Down to highlight Eutelsat 10.0E and then press OK.
  2. From the drop-down list displaying a choice of Eutelsat 10.0E, NSS12 57.0E or NSS806 40.5W, press Up/Down to highlight NSS 806 40.5W and press OK.

  1. With the screen set up as shown below, press Down to highlight the Start Search button and press OK.

The satellite receiver begins the rescan for the new satellite signal and, once complete, displays the Channels found screen shown below:

Rescan - Eutelsat Channel Search Results

  1. Press OK to Sort automatically. Don't worry if the number of channels found differs from the above screen. The confirmation prompt shown below is displayed:

Rescan Eutelsat Channel Confirm Channel Sort

  1. Press Left to highlight Continue and then press OK. You are returned to the Transponder screen and the satellite receive should now display new Level and Quality measurements as shown below:

  1. Press the Red button or Back button three times to exit back through the menus to the TV screen.

You will now be watching BFBS TV.

What TV Channels Are Available?
  1. BBC ONE
  2. BBC TWO
  3. ITV
  4. BFBS Extra
  5. Sky Sports
  6. BT Sport
  7. BFBS Sport
  8. Sky News UK
  9. (Not available)
  10. (Not available)
  11. BBC ONE - Delayed
  12. BBC TWO - Delayed
  13. ITV - Delayed
  14. BFBS Extra - Delayed
  15. (Not available)
  16. (Not available)
  17. (Not available)
  18. Nepali TV
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