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Information for Military DTH Viewers in Africa under the ‘NSS12’ Satellite with BFBS Technisat Receivers.

BFBS is carrying out extensive upgrades to our satellite system as part of our contractual commitment to the MoD broadcasting contract.

This work means that you will lose your BFBS TV channels at 10:30 UK time on the 5th November, and at this time it will be necessary to retune your satellite receiver to restore BFBS services.



To rescan your BFBS Technisat Receiver please follow these instructions.

After the change of the satellite has happened you will see a screen similar to the one below, with a message saying that the signal has been lost.

No Signal

  1. Press Menu on the BFBS Satellite Receiver remote control to access the menu shown below.
  2. Press the Down buton to highlight Settings and then press OK.

  1. Press Down until Service Settings and then press OK.

  1. Press Down to highlight Delete All Channels, then press OK.

  1. Press the Left button to highlight Yes and then press OK to delete all channels.

  1. Press the RED or Back button until you see the screen shown below:

  1. Press the Down button to highlight Transponder and then press OK.


  1. The following screen is displayed:


  1. Press the Down button to highlight Eutelsat 10.E and press OK to display the drop-down menu shown below.

  1. Press Down to highlight NSS12 57.0E and then press OK so that the screen appears as shown below:

  1. Press the Down button to highlight Transponder frequency [MHz] ‘3800’ and enter the number 3798.
  2. Press the Down button to highlight Symbol Rate [KSps] ‘20000’ and enter the number 19167 so that the screen appears as shown below:

  1. Press the Down button to highlight the Start search button and press OK. Now wait for the set top box to complete the channel search.
  2. Once the search has completed, a screen similar to the one shown below is shown. Note that the number of channels found may vary.

  1. Press OK to Sort Automatically.
  2. Once the channels have been automatically sorted, the following screen is displayed:

  1. Press the Red or Back button three times to exit the Menu and after a few seconds you will be watching BFBS TV.
What TV Channels Are Available?
  1. BBC ONE
  2. BBC TWO
  3. ITV
  4. BFBS Extra
  5. Sky Sports
  6. BT Sport
  7. BFBS Sport
  8. Sky News UK
  9. (Not available)
  10. (Not available)
  11. (Not available)
  12. (Not available)
  13. (Not available)
  14. (Not available)
  15. (Not available)
  16. (Not available)
  17. (Not available)
  18. Nepali TV