Navy TV

BFBS provides the Royal Navy and Royal Fleet Auxiliary with Radio and Television services whilst alongside or at sea under one of our three main satellite beams. Using computer controlled stabilised tracking satellite dishes the ships are able to stay locked-on to the satellite signal, even while under way or changing course.

The welfare services provided to the Royal Navy and Royal Fleet Auxiliary are constantly being enhanced as new technology allows, and recent changes have taken the Navy all the way from VHS video tapes, via TOMS TV, to Live Multi-Channel TV, with exciting new proposals to go even further.

  • Today the stabilised dishes deliver up to 14 channels of BFBS digital TV services over commercial satellites
  • BFBS is developing partnerships with other MOD contractors to deliver welfare TV and audio to handheld devices on surface ships and to submarines

Navy upgrade programmes such as SALUS and the new MMM contract promise to improve provision of Navy welfare across the fleet. BFBS has developed unique technologies to meet the demands of all Navy platforms including:

  • BFBS Player for Submarines, without the need for WiFi connections for iPad and other tablets
  • IP over existing coax TV distribution cable on board Navy and RFA vessels. A highly cost effective, fast-track IP enabling technology which can be implemented whilst the ship is still in service
  • BFBS Media Server technology for common head-ends for access to legally secured copyright TV programmes and audio 
  • Significant Improvements to SAS

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