Local Infrastructure for Isolated User Groups

For isolated communities there would be a server of suitable size to hold sufficient content in conjunction with locally held update media. The servers are designed for the environment they are to be used in, for example use of solid state disks and redundant power supplies to withstand vibration and shock. Completely redundant configurations can be supplied.

Where structured IP networks (CAT5 or fibre) are not available, or IT security prevents their use for welfare, BFBS can leverage existing coax cable TV distribution networks on vessels, blocks of flats or barrack blocks to provide the necessary IP connectivity suitable for the BFBS Player and, in some cases, welfare web access. Where WiFi is permitted it can be used to deliver live streaming of satellite received services, enabling Users to access BFBS TV on their personal devices instead of a conventional TV. Where WiFi is not permitted content can be loaded on devices using technology specially developed by BFBS engineers, including a versatile Sync & Charge Rack for use on board vessels. BFBS Player is a versatile and adaptable technology for deployment in the increasingly relevant world of personal mobile devices and tablets. Although deployment scenarios will vary significantly, BFBS is committed to providing the most flexible solution possible,and is working in partnership with other MOD contractors to provide a comprehensive, world leading solution for HM Forces.