Leaky-Feeder Low-Power Digital TV Transmissions

Leaky-Feeder Low-Power Digital TV Transmissions

A newly developed distribution method of 'leaky feeder' transmission is similar to a DTT (digital terrestrial TV) except very low power transmission is used, and it is suitable for distribution within and around buildings only. The 'leaky feeder' cable may be run through corridors, in roofspaces, under floors or round the outside of buildings (depending on building construction) and transmission range is usually within 5-10 metres of the cable. It is therefore an ideal solution for a low disruption upgrade.

Leaky-Feeder Low-Power TV Transmissions have the advantage that they usually do not require host nation permission, require far less distribution infrastructure to be installed compared to Digital Cable TV, removing the need to access each room or move people out as there are no sockets to install. This is usually more acceptable to the building infrastructure owners. It can be used as an alternative method to extending a local cable system, or where a building contractor has failed to design-in any RF coax cable. Installation and commissioning should be carried out by BFBS engineers.

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In order to choose the best system for each location and deployment, speak to a member of the BFBS Technology Dept. and they will discuss your requirement and the range of possible solutions. Prices for these systems typically start from around £5,000 depending on local infrastructure costs and scale of the service required. As a ROM comparison, the cost of providing CAT5 cabling and sockets for 50 users will often exceed £5,000.

Leaky TV transmission is suitable for
Individual users (in a community)
Mess/Communal viewing (in a community)
Users in multiple living accommodation
Camps, MOBs or larger compounds
Existing cable networks