Europe & Middle East satellite coverage

European and Middle East satellite
  • 90cm to 1m Satellite Dish
  • 1.2m Satellite Dish
  • 1.5m Satellite Dish

BFBS TV and Radio services can be received from the Eutelsat 10A satellite across Europe and the Middle East. All locations within the RED contour can receive BFBS services with a satellite dish of 1.5m diameter or less. It may still be possible to receive BFBS services in locations outside of the RED contour, but these locations would have to be investigated on a case by case basis. BFBS has software tools to do this using just the co-ordinates. The larger, shaded area indicates the 10 degrees above horizon limit.

BFBS services can be provided for a lot less than you think, and BFBS supplies complete DIY installation kits to enable reception of BFBS TV and Radio.

1.a 90cm dish self - install kit from £255

1.b 1.2m dish self - install kit from £500

1.c 1.5m dish self - install kit from £600

2. Tool Kit from £135 (can be re-used for multiple installations)

3. Pre-programmed professional Satellite Finder from £600 (can be re-used for multiple installations).

Alternatively you can arrange a satellite dish to be installed by a local contractor or have BFBS Technicians undertake satellite dish procurement and installation on your behalf.


BFBS Signal Details on Eutelsat 10A

  • Satellite Position: 10.0° East (Of Greenwich Meridian)
  • Satellite Band: Ku
  • Required LNB Lo Frequency: Universal 9.75 / 10.60 GHz
  • Downlink Frequency: 11221MHz
  • Polarization: Vertical (13V)
  • Symbol Rate: 30,000
  • Modulation: DVB-S2 - QPSK
  • FEC: 5/6


For more information or advice contact the BFBS Service Desk on [email protected] or +44 (0)1494 878100.