Direct To Home (DTH) satellite TV

Direct To Home (DTH) satellite TV

All you require, apart from the satellite dish and your own TV, is a BFBS Satellite Receiver. Direct To Home (DTH) satellite TV is the most common method of providing BFBS TV services and is used extensively in Germany, Cyprus, Kenya and in Operational Areas. DTH dishes are usually fixed to "ground mounts" consisting of a simple metal stand (included in the BFBS kits) weighted down with sandbags or flagstones. This avoids drilling into walls or penetrating building fabric which might contravene DIO or other regulations. Smaller DTH dishes can be mounted to existing infrastructure or brackets, similar to a Sky dish. A single dish can be shared by up to 4 TVs with a simple Quad LNB.

The BFBS Satellite Receiver is available to entitled individuals on a loan basis by contacting BFBS. A valid viewing card is only available from BFBS and must be registered to a serving individual or entitled civilian who assumes full responsibility for the viewing card and satellite receiver.

Typical DTH Self Installation Kit and costs

Cost and components in a BFBS DTH System

DTH Equipment Set

  • Satellite Dish - 1.1m Ku Band Dish
  • Non-Penetrating Patio Stand
  • 4 output Universal LNB
  • WF100 satellite cable
  • WF100 easy-fit F-type connectors

Satellite Receiver

  • BFBS Satellite Receiver
  • BFBS Conditional Access Card and CAM

Installation Tools

  • Tool bag
  • Screwdrivers
  • Spanners
  • Cable Stripper
  • Compass Tape – electricians
  • Tape - self amalg
  • Cable Ties

Satellite Finder

  • Promax SatHunter pre-programmed for BFBS satellite
  • Full set of Self-Installation Instructions
  • Packaging and Delivery to Bicester or Brize Norton

Rough Order of Cost : £1250

  • Of which approximately £700 is re-usable installation tools and satellite finder
  • Making each additional BFBS DTH Satellite System £550 approximately
  • Additionally: All major parts used in a BFBS DTH satellite system can be recovered at the end of the deployment or exercise and can then be re-used on future deployments
DTH is suitable for
Individual users
Mess/Communal viewing
Users in multiple living accommodation
Camps, MOBs or larger compounds
Existing cable networks