BFBS satellite TV footprints

Where are BFBS Welfare Services available by satellite?

This section shows the areas served by BFBS satellite footprints and a guide to the size of dish required.

BFBS uses four satellites in geo-stationary orbits, meaning each one sits above a fixed point over the equator. Each satellite beams its signals back to earth, illuminating a defined 'footprint', a bit like a torch shining a beam of light. The shape of that beam and the strength of signal will vary. Maps are produced to provide accurate predictions of the signal (see below) and smartphone apps and internet resources provide additional information and technical aids. 

Your location on earth determines which satellite(s) you can "see". An unobstructed lineof-sight to the satellite without buildings, mountains or foliage in the way is necessary. Generally, you need to be able to "see" the satellite at an elevation at least 10 degrees above the horizon. The maps below show the limit of this 10 degree elevation. The nearer the centre of a beam, the stronger the signal and (usually) a smaller dish size will suffice (which are easier to install). BFBS can provide complete "ready to go" palletised kits, and half a day's hands-on training at Chalfont Grove which will equip designated personnel to install the kit on arrival.

To receive signals direct from a BFBS satellite, you need:

  • To be inside the reception footprint of the designated satellite
  • A dish of the correct size. This varies from 80cm to 2.4m diameter depending how strong the satellite signal is where you are.
  • A satellite receiver issued free on loan by BFBS. This includes the viewing card to decrypt our broadcasts
  • Dish installation by a local satellite contractor, or a DIY installation kit and training provided by BFBS
  • A TV to connect to the BFBS satellite receiver

The maps show the areas which reception is possible and the approximate dish size necessary. Domestic TV satellite dishes are satisfactory and any competent installer will understand what to do. Prices shown are indicative, subject to contract.