BFBS DVD Service

The ability of BFBS Television to get where the action is, at the sharp end, is legendary among Forces audiences. The range and possibilities are constantly increasing. But what about isolated units and detachments that fall outside our ever-expanding mainstream reach? For many isolated groups, including some HM Navy and RFA vessels, the BFBS DVD Service provides entertainment and a link to home. Each week, BFBS TV produces over 140 packages of recorded entertainment, mailed across the world through the BFPO network, delivering 60 hours of the best of the week’s TV in each package.

How it Works

The service is designed primarily for the single serviceman/woman overseas in locations where there is limited infrastructure to receive our transmitted services. Elegantly simple, the weekly service consists of a package of DVDs containing 60 hours of the best of that week’s UK programming. The DVDs, nominally running from Saturday to Friday each week, contain a mix of light entertainment, sport, drama, sitcoms, documentary, quiz programmes and current affairs of interest to HM Forces.

Additional weekly DVDs include dedicated Soaps disks guaranteeing a weekly fix of Corrie and Eastenders; a Kids Disc for younger viewers; Sports disc: Special National Event discs and Music Discs featuring rock concerts and live music. For anyone who is likely to be posted to wild and remote regions or on a short-term postings and wants the best of British television, the BFBS DVD Service is always available.