Africa satellite coverage

Africa satellite
  • 38dB Contour

BFBS TV and Radio services can be received from the NSS12 West satellite across Africa. All unobscured mainland locations within the 38dB signal strength contour should be able to receive BFBS services with a satellite dish of 1.8m diameter. It may be possible to receive BFBS services in locations outside of the 39 contour, but these locations would have to be investigated on a case by case basis. BFBS has software tools to do this using just the co-ordinates.

1.a Domestic 2.4m dish self–install kit from £970
1.b Professional 2.4m dish self–install kit from £3750
1.c Rapid-Reaction Fly Away Kit – available to purchase or lease. POA.
2. Tool Kit from £135 (can be re-used for multiple installations)
3. Pre-programmed professional Satellite Finder from £600 (can be re-used for multiple installations)

Alternatively you can arrange a satellite dish to be installed by a local contractor or have BFBS Technicians carry out the satellite dish procurement and installation on your behalf.


For more information or advice contact the BFBS Service Desk on or +44 (0)1494 878100.